Hiring a professional photographer for your next event ensure you get to enjoy the experience without having to carry a camera. Let me capture your most important memories in a natural environment so you can relive them later. Nothing is worse than planning and having a great time only to find out that pictures were never taken or are blurry. The expense of a professional photographer is small compared to the satisfaction and peace of mind you will get from knowing you'll never miss another moment again. Call me today (702) 274-8249!


Over 30 Years Experiece

I have been a photographer since 1980 and have experience with both large and small events. Hire me for your next event and capture memories forever.

On Site Printing

Add a new level of enjoyment to your event. On site printing ensures guests get to relive the memorable moments without having to hold a camera. Call me today to schedule an appointment.

Contact Details

Name: Eric Heath

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Studio Phone: 702-586-7801

Cell Phone: 702-274-8249